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The Breakfast Table

To illustrate the process of my artwork, and to better demonstrate how I meticulously craft each image throughout the process, the following sample stages of how I did ‘Breakfast Table’, you can see how I corrected myself.

1. As always, I started with a good drawing..

2. The photograph had some greenish tint to the whole image from reflections of the ambient green room interior lighting. So, I started with the sugar canister and the glass wares with a greenish tint using Viridian Green, Payne’s Gray and Titanium White.

3. When I finished the pepper shaker, I realized that the green tint is not going to work! I quickly changed my plan and got rid of the green tint (thank god for the Oil Paint, which is very forgiving).

4. Now the picture looks closer to the real thing and I continued to paint in the shadows, mostly with Payne’s Gray. I finished the Napkin and the Silverwares.

5. Note: the Pepper Shaker still does not look like glass, until I painted the ‘glass’ on top of the pepper with a very light spread of Titanium White.

6. Then, I proceeded to complete the background windows and the trees beyond.

7. The last thing was to complete the green vase and the transparent leaves. This completed the picture.

Lessons learned again…by trial and error! I hope you enjoyed this breakdown.