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It’s Never Too Late to Create Inspiration on Becoming an Artist

If you’ve always wanted to be an artist, why not start now? Whether you’re eight years old or 80, it’s never too late to start making art. Give in to your passion, find the right inspiration and dive right in.

Finding Inspiration

Inspiration is all around you. Start to notice what attracts you and record it as a reference for future paintings. The more you begin to notice the inspiration around you, the sharper you will get at recognizing it.

Open your awareness to your own history, talents, interests and fascinations that make you who you are. What activities bring you true joy, cooking, setting a beautiful table, dressing creatively, hiking, gardening, movies?

Some artists find inspiration externally and others internally. It’s a personal frame of reference. Think about the direction you consistently look toward for inspiration Check out popular design magazines (home design, gardening, cooking, crafting, etc.) that contain brilliant color schemes and composition ideas created by some of the most talented designers. Start to look at them with an artist’s eyes.

Collect Inspiration

It’s a good idea to collect your inspirations before they fly out of your mind. Consider starting a Pinterest collection or even an art journal. For ideas, check out other artists boards and portfolios.

If working online is not your thing, create an inspiration board right away in your studio or painting area and pin on it anything that excites and delights you. Color chips from the hardware store, swatches of fabric, photos, postcards, clippings from magazines and quotes that inspire you to keep creating.

Getting Out of a Rut

  • If you hit a bit of artist’s block, here are a few tips to help you along:
  • Go to your studio or workspace anyway. Don’t talk yourself out of it. Show up, and see what happens.
  • Do busy work: Wash brushes, gesso canvases, organize collage paper and clean your studio space.
  • Sit in your workspace and look through inspirational art books or magazines. Put tags on anything that intrigues you.
  • Take your sketchbook or art journal outside, sit and make lists: song titles, quotes you’ve overheard, flowers you love, favorite animals, etc.
  • Try a technique you’ve never done before, like collage with junk mail, cutting up old drawings or paintings, origami from art magazines, etc.

You can do it! Art is such a therapeutic form of expression. Just get started and time will fly by!

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