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How to Raise an Artist

5 Creative Ways to Get Your Children Interested in Art

There’s more to a well-rounded education than reading, math, and science. Art is just as essential to your child’s well-being and knowledge base. Unlike math, science, and reading, the arts utilize a separate area of your child’s brain: the right hemisphere. This part of the brain is tasked with some of the most compelling features of everyday life, like the ability to create, identify intuition and gauge other’s emotions, all of which are helpful for mental health growth.

But how can you raise a budding artist if you never really had a background in art yourself? Try these tips.

1. Head to the Art Gallery or Museum

One of the best ways to introduce your child to the arts is to plan a trip to your city’s art museum. Most art museums, especially in large metropolitan areas, are free to the public, making this a budget-friendly trip for the whole family. Many museums also organize activities specifically tailored towards kids, so make sure to check the museum’s schedule ahead of time to take full advantage.

2. Crafting Corner

You don’t need to exhaust yourself by putting together anything too complicated. A simple workspace equipped with glue, construction paper, and kid-friendly scissors will be more than enough to get their creative juices flowing. A paint set works great too!

3. Go to the Theater

Your child loves watching TV and movies, so why not get them a little closer to the action? Buy tickets to your next local theater production. If it’s an available option, stay for the meet and greet after the show. Your child will love seeing the characters up-close.

4. Art Classes

Some facets of the arts, like music, take special instruction to master. This is where classes are essential, especially if your child is interested in an instrument you have never played. Sign your kid up for a class of their choice, and remember not to force anything. Let them explore music, acting, poetry and all forms of art at their own pace.

5. Think Outside the Box

Art can mean many things, dancing, cooking, sewing, painting, photography, writing and more. Let your kids see you creating or consuming art. Show them your favorite dance moves, read them a bit of poetry at bedtime, have them listen to your favorite song from high school, let them create party decorations for a family dinner. Give them moments to be creative.

Children are naturally creative, if you give them an outlet to express themselves they will find their way to arts and culture.