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Find Space for Your Art Ways to Create a Creative Space in Your Home

Ways to Create a Creative Space in Your Home

One of the things that people consistently say gets in the way of making art is not having an art space. Here are a few ideas for creating a fun, funky, and functional art space you can really use in your home.

Create an Art Studio in YOUR Home

If you truly want to make art and creativity a part of your life and your self-care practice, you can find a space for it. It’s about making your art a priority. Divide a room into living space and art studio space. Use shelving, a table, or a screen to delineate the art area in a family room or living room.

Maybe, take over a corner. Place a desk and some shelving with baskets to hold art materials in the corner of any room. Voila! Instant art space. Even converting a closet will do. Squeeze some clothing into another closet, or create a clothing rack in the attic. Use a small desk, chair, and perhaps mini shelving to create your mini art studio.

Use Covetable Tables and Shelving

Find a table that folds up very small and also features storage, making it a good option for an art space in a common room, such as an eat-in kitchen or dining room. You might combine that with this inventive solution for storing paint.

Invest in a rolling art cart that will keep your supplies tidy and allow you to convert any space into a studio. You could also repurpose an old piece of furniture as an art table, desk, or storage.

Art on the Go

Carry an art pouch. Whether carving out a dedicated art space in your home feels impossible, or you like being able to make art anywhere, a portable art kit is an essential tool. Many artists use little and big pouches as portable art kits for some time. Also, consider making an art tool bucket. A tool bucket makes for a great portable art station with all its pockets.


The point is art can be created anywhere! You don’t need an expensive studio space to create. Put some of your creativity into making a space in your home that can do your soul some good—an art space.

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