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How to Raise an Artist

5 Creative Ways to Get Your Children Interested in Art There’s more to a well-rounded education than reading, math, and science. Art is just as essential to your child’s well-being and knowledge base. Unlike math, science, and reading, the arts…

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The Breakfast Table

To illustrate the process of my artwork, and to better demonstrate how I meticulously craft each image throughout the process, the following sample stages of how I did ‘Breakfast Table’, you can see how I corrected myself. 1. As always,…

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Red, White and Light

Oil on Canvas 18” x 24 I arranged these wine bottles and took a photo of the beautiful shadows, against the decorated wooden inlay tray. I wanted to show the bright lights passing through the glass into its own shadow.…

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‘Venkanna’ was a blind man looking for alms in a Hindu Temple in rural India. I was fascinated to see how he fixed his broken glasses with a tie around his head and tape in the middle…and he still couldn’t…

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