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Jay Appurao MD

About the artist

Jay Appurao MD FACS, more commonly known to his people simply as ‘Dr. Jay’, has been an artist, all his life but just never been in the limelight. He is a totally self taught artist and mostly does Oil paintings and Drawings with Oil Pastels and, Graphite. Almost all his painting reflect his passion for the arts rather than the business of it and has never ever attempted to sell any until now. Born and raised in India he immigrated to USA with his wife in 1975 to NewYork City. He has been busy practicing Surgery in Louisiana since 1981 and as also been a practicing Cosmetic Surgeon since the year 2000. He is also a extensive traveler and a photographer with an eye for the unusual in plain sight.

Since he never had any formal education in the arts, you can see him grow by trial and error throughout his life. The lack of formal education meant that he had to adopt his own simple techniques to come up with his creations that reveal that deficiency. That led him to try many techniques of his own striving to do better at all times. This is reflected by the many variations in techniques that defy definition of ‘his style’ of art. He jumps between photo­realism to impressionism often . He also jumps from natural sceneries, to still life to portraits and nudes. All his travels to many countries some of them exotic like Iceland tends to allow for a great variation in a study of beautiful peoples and sceneries. Thus all his paintings are amalgamations of the chain of thought that starts in one place and end up in a very different place.

However, one recurring theme that comes out is the passionate appreciation of the dancing of the contrasting colors, lights and shadows. One can see that in his fall sceneries and the still life with wine glasses titled ‘Red White and Light’. Of course the ‘Time Keeper’ is on the top of that list. It is also obvious that his portraits are often the portraits of an emotion that exudes. This is self evident in the painting ‘Auguish’

Some of his paintings are totally imaginary, out of nowhere but his brains, like ‘Light house’. ‘The Nude with Red Hair’ also came about the way! Being able to appreciate and imagine what is beautiful in a feminine body is the gist of Cosmetic Surgery, and he is able to totally blend the arts of Surgery and Beauty.

DR.Jay says, “The one group of people who love me for my art, besides all others, are my two precious Grand Daughters, Salena (8) and Mia (6). They call me ‘Ajja’ and they love to come to my house to study theirs masters in art at ‘Ajja’s School of Fine Arts! That alone is the most satisfying experience to me.”

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